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Japanese Naturalization for college students

For all International students, did you know that even college students living on their own can become naturalized if you meet the requirements?

For those out there who might be thinking about becoming a Japanese citizen while you are here in Japan but give up because you are living on your own and does not have a job,

here is the good news, you can still get naturalized, but it will take up about one year to finish the process.

Criteria you need to meet to get naturalized:

1. Living in Japan for more than 5 years with the status of residence such as family stay, permanent resident,

2. Did not travel to other country and stayed for a long period of time (exchange student programs are an exception)

3. Must be 20 years or older

4. No fines or imprisonment and criminal records

5. Dependent (parents) has certain income

Time to get Naturalized:

If you meet all the criteria listed above, then you can start prepping for naturalization 3~6 months prior to your 20th birthday. If you apply early you might be able to become a Japanese citizen before you start your career.

By acquiring Japanese nationality, the range of jobs you can choose will also be expanded. Please contact us via telephone, Facebook or Line messages if you are interested in becoming a Japanese citizen before your career. We look forward to serving you!

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