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Age requirement changes from April, 2022 for Japanese Naturalization!

From April 2022, the age of becoming or considered as an adult will be revised from 20 to 18 years of age. This civil act law has not been revised in the last 140 years, so as a result the age of naturalization is also lowered from 20 to 18.

Main Revisions:

1. Anyone who is 18 years or older can become a Japanese Citizen independently. (under 18 years old must apply with parents)

2. Anyone who is 18 years or younger can apply for Japanese citizenship if their Father is already a Japanese nationality.

3. A person who has not retained his nationality but has been reacquired under 18 years of


4. A person with dual citizenship can now choose their nationality from 18 years old (or until 20 years of age) instead or 20 years of age.

Foreign international students who want to change their nationality before job hunting will have more time to apply for their citizenship under this new act.

Changing your nationality is a big life decision so please prepare it early so you will get a satisfactory result. If you are interested or have any questions, please give us a call or contact us through our Facebook page or check out this link: Ministry of JusticeQ&A for further details.

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