【The point of permanent visa】”the National Pension”

You can get "Permanent Visa", if you want to live longer in Japan. Permanent residents of Japan do not need to renew the period of stay and are eligible for a mortgage at a bank, which is an advantage over other residence statuses.

Do you know the reasons why they are disapproved?

The reason is missing some permit points.

"National Pension" is a one of the permit points.

What is the Japanese pension system?

There are generally two types of pension system in Japan: the "national pension" and the "welfare pension."

The "national pension" is also called a basic pension, because all people aged 20 to 60 who live in Japan, regardless of nationality, must join it.

On the other hand, the "welfare pension" is a system that is added to the national pension for employees of private companies and public employees. The amount of benefits will vary depending on the amount of salary and the period of enrollment while in service.

Which pension is confirmed when applying for a permanent visa?

The pension whose payment status is confirmed when applying for a permanent visa is the "national pension".

If you do not pay the national pension or get an exemption?

Even if you are currently enrolled in a national pension, be careful if you have an unpaid it or an exemption period in the past.

In the permanent residence permit examination, the pension records for the past 5 years will be examined.

This means that if you have a period of nonpayment or exemption in the last 5 years, you are more likely to be denied.

What should I do if I am unpaid or exempt?

If you are unpaid or exempted payments, it is important to pay back.

Please apply after a while after paying retroactively. It depends on the situation of the applicant and the timing and period of non-payment or exemption, so it is recommended to consult an Gyouseisyoshi layer specializing in visa.

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