[UPDATE] About new ”Visa service”

We, Partner Groups as well as Gyoseishoshi Partner has recently offered a new service called

   『Visa applications checking and counselling service』    from 20,000 Yen~

Recently, there's a lot of customers came to us for counselling about re-application. As you know, visa application which be denied one time will be more difficult in the next time.

That's why we decided to offer this new service, for the following case: ‐ You have already prepared documents needed for a visa application but you're not sure that

it will be come through

- You want to reduce counselling fee for any law-firm's service

After checking visa applications, our specialist Gyouseishoshi will give you advices about insufficient documents or information that could make you visa application's permission rate higher. We hope our new service will be helpful for you to apply visa in Japan