“Spouse of Japanese” visa

A foreigner after get married to japanese can change residence status into “Spouse of Japanese”

However, “got married” doesn’t mean that a foreigner can change into “Spouse of Japanese” unconditionally.

There are 4 main requirements for a foreigner who want to change residence status into “Spouse of Japanese”

1. Having a legal marrige

Both of you (foreigner and Japanese) must complete all marriage procedure legally

2. Having a reality married life

Age difference between foreigner and Japanese or relationship period will be inspected object

3. Ability for living-cost

Stabilize income for living-cost of both (foreigner and Japanese)

In case of a foreigner who was called to Japan by a Japanese spouse or unemployed, a Japanese must has income for both.

4. Behavior state

A foreigner who has good behavior state will change visa easier than bad one. In case of having overstay or misrepresentation of past record, application for changing residence status may be denied.

As above, age difference between foreigner and Japanese, relationship period or situation after marriage needs to be made clearly in statement of reasons which helpful for changing residence status application.

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